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The Indigenous Shared Services Group (ISSG) provides a culturally appropriate environment for Aboriginal businesses that co-invest, pool and share resources so that Aboriginal individuals, families and communities can trade and invest to create a self-determining economic future.

Our Services

ISSG specialises in providing cost effective shared services to our partners so that that they can benefit from our scale, efficiencies, systems and best practice. ISSG serves as an operational centre of excellence providing critical support functions that allow our investments to focus on delivering their core business competitively, safely and to the right quality standards.

Our support services include:

Our Impact

The ISSG Aboriginal Economic Participation Framework serves as a guide for our Company, aimed at fostering sustainable economic development, cultural preservation, and social empowerment. The Framework is supported by five key pillars:

Cultural Safety

Management Systems

Aboriginal Employment and Training

Aboriginal Procurement

Capacity Building and Community Engagement

Our clients

ISSG has a dedicated focus on start-up companies and acquisitions that involve other Aboriginal investors. We support our Aboriginal investment partners with the shared services in ISSG to help scale and grow our shared business interests. We are privileged to work in partnership with a range of other Aboriginal investors to help foster and grow the Aboriginal business community. Our Partners are part of our family, pooling and sharing resources and supporting each other with a sense of Trust and Belonging.